Saturday, October 27, 2007

Ten things I should be doing right now, and why I'm not doing them.

1. Writing one of my five late articles for my journalism class. (I'm already so far behind, what's one more day? And I'm not sure she'll accept them late anyway. And they're saved on the other computer, which is a whole twelve steps away from where I sit on the couch.)

2. Working on the essay test for my anthropology class. (Because the due date was postponed till Wednesday, and it's just totally not cool to start on an exam before the day it's due.)

3. Washing dishes. (I already did them once today.....why should I have to do 'em again?)

4. Sorting/washing/folding/putting away the four loads of laundry that are piled on the bedroom floor. (blah. I hate laundry)

5. Editing and uploading Josh's wedding photos. (See above note about distance from couch to other computer....)

6. Cleaning out my filthy stinky truck. (It's cold outside. And raining.)

7. Giving the dog a bath, because she stinks. (There's baby toys in the bathtub that I'd have to clean out.)

8. Figuring out what healthy and delicious meal to make for supper. (We're having leftovers, so there.)

9. Rescuing my daughter from her bedroom, since it seems she has absolutely no inclination to take a nap. (She's having a good time practicing her new skill of climbing into and out of her toddler bed. Why deprive her of the fun? Besides, maybe she'll get sleepy eventually.)

10. Vacuum. (See note on laundry.)