Thursday, November 03, 2005

poetry, and stuff

so I've been writing poetry for my creative writing class. It's interesting. As long as I don't have to make stuff follow any particular form, I'm fine.

I don't know if it's any good, though.....

School sucks lately. I have TONS to do, presentation Tuesday, big psych project coming up. (freudian slip, I dunno, but I just typed psycho instead of psych).

My to-do list:
- finish editing soccer pics from last 2 games and upload to photoreflect.
- Call mother-in-law about babysitting tomorrow night
- lay out clothes for everybody for tomorrow
- have kiddo do his homework (can you believe kindergarteners have homework?!?!)
- start working on 20 minute literature presentation over Robert Browning's "Soliloquy of the Spanish Cloister" - presentation is Tuesday afternoon.
- Friday: teach tech ed at AC all day.
- Swim practice, get everyone ready for first meet on Monday. learn how to use computer system and teach a parent to run it. Lineup and event cards need filled out. Make sure kids can actually swim their events. Upload registration info to USA Swimming.
- Pick up M from Grandma's, take him to MIL's house. Meet mom, go to Fort Wayne for poetry reading at the co-op for my creative writing class.
- clean the house
- clear out the rec room, get set up for photo shoot Sunday afternoon.
- work at Wal-Mart 4-10,
- party for JL and Virginia

I'm tired just typing all that.


I want to be a ninja

With orange hair.

We bought hair color in an aerosol can.

I cover my eyes;

Mom shakes the can and sprays.

It’s cold, and smells funny.

I run to the closet-door mirror

To see who I’ve become,

Strike my best ninja pose,

And threaten my reflection.



Bratwurst with mustard wrapped in foil

Licking caramel-apple stickiness from fingers

Old men in uniforms marching proudly

Wailing sirens, flashing lights

Gloves and hats and winter coats

Marching bands dressed like zombies,

Monsters, fairies, and cats

Horses and riders dressed alike

Children racing to gather candy

Cacophony of sounds, smells, and sights.



Last week I bought a new car.

I haven’t yet driven it far.

But soon comes the snow,

And then I will know

If my vehicle’s now up to par.

Today I raked leaves with my son.

We jumped and had lots of fun.

But the wind is now blowing,

The leaf pile is going,

Our fun jumping time is now done.



The trees are dressed in their most flamboyant

Like my grandmother dancing

In a bright pink dress,

Whirling across the floor, laughing.

Yellow-gold, apple red, pumpkin orange.

For a few short weeks,

Their colors are brilliantly joyful.

The leaves fall into brightly-colored heaps,

Dancing in the wind,

Smelling of autumn, cold air, frost.



Clear cool blue water

Ripples when I dip my toe in.

Take a deep breath,

Wiggle my toes. Here goes!

Underwater, the world fades

Into squiggles and squares

Reflected on the surface.

Lungs ache: time for air.

Chlorine-smell biting my nose

As I inhale.