Wednesday, September 28, 2005


I love storms. Summer storms are the best, when you can sit on the porch wrapped in a blanket and just watch the rain pour down. It's been a DRY few months here, but tonight there's a big storm blowing in. It's supposed to get down to the high 40's tonight. It's windy now, and you can see the huge clouds rolling in. I have the windows open - I bet it'll be cold in the morning!

I LOVE my new comforter set. It's microfiber suede, and it's so soft - feels like those expensive hotel blankets. And soft white sheets....aah...

So I'm in bed 9pm...with the laptop. Jim is watching "Lost" with the guys in Man Land. I had a beer (Oktoberfest, yummy), and came in to bed. I still have that lit paper to do in the morning. Alarm's set for 4am. I do my best work early in the morning - if I can drag myself out of bed, that is.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Does anyone actually read these?

I mean, really? Who has time to read the ramblings of total strangers?

random photo of the day

The orangs at the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo -

washed, washing, to be washed...

My car needs washed

My car needs washing

My car needs to be washed

Which is it? Does it matter? I took a linguistics class last semester where we talked a lot about that kind of stuff, so now I always notice....

Are your potholders clean?

So, I was procrastinating, as usual. I had all day yesterday to write a stupid paper, and I never did get started on it till this morning. It was due an hour ago, and it's not done yet. (Half a letter grade deduction, no big deal....)

But I had the WHOLE day to write it. So first, I sat at the computer and checked all my email accounts. Replied to messages, sorted and cleaned out my inboxes, and updated my address books. Then I think to myself, I can't write in a messy room. So I start cleaning. I cleaned the entire house. I cleaned out the fridge. I stripped the beds and washed sheets and blankets. I went to the store to buy candles - atmosphere is everything, right? Then I cooked supper, watched a little tv, surfed some photography message board, called my mom....

Now I'm off to see if my potholders need washed.

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