Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Com 410 Unit 5

Unit 5 was about gender issues in the classroom and the workplace. We talked about the different ways male and female students and employees are treated differently - I thought it was really interesting to find out that many teachers give male students longer to answer questions! We also looked at gender bias in textbooks - this isn't something I've ever really noticed, but it's something I'll pay attention to in the future.

The other thing I really focused on in this unit is the differences between men and women when balancing school/work and families. It seems that even though more and more men are taking responsibility for child rearing, it's still the woman's job to do most of the parenting. And when women are also students or members of the workforce, our plates get really full! We discussed in the forum a lot about how women seem to be much better at multitasking - I'm still wondering whether this is partly biological or if it's completely a cultural phenomenon.

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